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Think that eating for better skin requires you to eliminate all the good food you love?

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Signature Facial ​

Fully customized facial to target any concern. Includes exfoliation appropriate for your concern and skin type, extractions, as well as LED therapy to calm, rebuild, and soothe. 

Advanced Facials​

Every facial I offer is fully customized to your skin’s sensitivity and needs. This means that you can never book the wrong facial. All you need to do is the book the time and let me worry about the rest.  


Brows should complement your natural features. Your brow shape isn’t a trend. Your face shape and natural features aren’t changing, so neither should your brows.

Featured Service​

The Sensitive Signature Facial

I developed this facial using my favorite line for sensitive, reactive, and hyper allergic skin, 302 professional skincare. 

This facial reduces the redness and inflammation associated with reactivity by deeply nourishing without overstimulating and supporting the skin in its natural healing processes. 

Perfect for those with frequent reactions, rosacea, or atopic dermatitis to calm, soothe, and strengthen the skin.  

Client Love Letters

I first saw Shannon for a facial when I had some downtime during a trip to New York in 2013. Her comprehensive knowledge and thoughtful demeanor kept me coming back on subsequent trips. Now that I’ve relocated to the city, I’m thrilled to be able to utilize her expertise on a regular basis. Shannon is incredibly well informed about the latest trends in the industry, and her product recommendations are always on point for my skin’s needs. She is also patient, caring and a great listener.

Hi! I'm Shannon

I’m a licensed esthetician, nutritionist, and fully certified skin nerd.  I blend my experience in the beauty industry with my functional nutrition training to develop a truly personalized skincare protocol to target your specific needs. 

My dream is to build a practice in which we use skin as a window to inner health in an evidence-based way. By building out programs to personalize nutritional strategies, you can bring hard-to-manage skin conditions under better long-term control.


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