I'm shannon.

I'm a licensed esthetician and functional nutritionist.

i work with women who crave a truly integrated approach to health and beauty.

licensed esthetician and nutritionist shannon jones

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skin by shannon integrative skincare and nutrition licensed esthetician shannon jones nyc

i developed this facial using my favorite line for sensitive, reactive, and hyper allergic skin, 302 professional skincare. This facial reduces the redness and inflammation associated with reactivity by deeply nourishing without overstimulating. perfect for those with frequent reactions, rosacea, or atopic dermatitis. 


i’m a licensed esthetician, nutritionist, and fully certified skin nerd. i blend my experience in the beauty industry with my functional nutrition training to develop a truly personalized skincare protocol to target your
specific needs. 

licensed esthetician shannon jones nyc
Overwhelmed by skincare? Forget trying to google the answer. You need an estie bestie!

Have you ever wished for a best friend who would help you shop for skincare… who just also happened to be an esthetician?
Someone who would just tell you if a product works or not?
Someone to help you navigate the millions of “best sellers” at Sephora?
Someone to tell you when to use what?

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