skincare and facial services in midtown manhattan

facials are a high form of self care; They can be both relaxing and a way to maintain good health.

Fully customizable

Every facial I offer is fully customized to your skin’s sensitivity and needs. This means that you can never book the wrong facial. All you need to do is the book the time and let me worry about the rest. 

Results oriented

I don’t believe in sacrificing results for relaxation. My facials are designed to help you achieve your goals for your skin while also getting the most important result: down time and relaxation

inclusive pricing

My signature facials are inclusive. This means that you will not pay for additions such as peels, extractions, or other services, except in select cases where the addition requires more time.


available in 60 and 90 minutes. all signature facials include cleansing massage, targeted exfoliation, extractions as needed, and soothing led therapy to promote healing.

dermaplaning facial nyc

dermaplaning uses a sterile scalpel to remove vellus hair and “peach fuzz,” as well as exfoliating… giving you an immediate smoothing and brightening effect 

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gentle Chemical peels are a great way to target an array of issues such as pigmentation, aging, and acne. my offerings are botanically based but still formulated to get you the results you want.

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chemical peels nyc
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